Moscow Equestrian Club Volte invites horsemen
any level of training and age for horse riding lessons.

“Entry level” is designed for people who want to enjoy riding and communicating with the horse. The emphasis is on laying the right base (landing, using controls). The classes are not “forced”, the physical training of the person and his psychological readiness to do certain exercises are taken into account.

For more experienced riders we offer classes in specializations: dressage and jumping. Age restrictions are not. Advances in equestrian sports, like gymnastics or synchronized swimming, do not depend on age – here time plays only “for good”: experience gained over the years is important … and the more of it the better. But, if you think that a serious professional career is too hard for you, you can try yourself in amateur equestrian sport. Amateur equestrian sport differs from professional only in the level of complexity and “requirements” for athletes. The rest – tournaments, sports, atmosphere and emotions – all, as in a big sport!

In our club classes are held not only for adults, but also for the little ones!

From 3 years old you can start training on a pony. Classes are held in a game style. Young riders not only learn to stay in the saddle, but also care for their four-legged “teachers”. Being able to properly clean and saddle is an important stage of training, both in the pony club and in the equestrian sport section. In addition, communication with the horse is necessary for the child to socialize better in society and to be kind to animals. At the first stages classes are held individually. Then, as the child gains experience, sports groups are formed.

All trainings are conducted under the guidance of professional trainers and experienced horses. FOR EACH CLIENT INDIVIDUAL APPROACH!


  • Individual pony rental (children from 3 years, 45 minutes) 3000 rub. / 3500 rub. weekends.
  • Subscription for 4 classes 11000 rub.
  • Subscription for 8 classes 22000 rub.
  • Specialized classes for ponies 3500 rub. / 4000 rub. weekends
  • Individual horse rental (45 minutes) 4000 rub. / 4500 rub. weekends
  • Subscription for 4 classes 15000 rub.
  • Subscription for 8 classes 29000 rub.
  • GPT / Exercise therapy class / Improved horse riding 5500 rub. / 6000 rub. weekends
  • Specialization in dressage
    5500 rub.
  • Specialization in show jumping 5500 rub.

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